The Acropolis Museum

acropolis museumThe new Acropolis museum is located right across the Acropolis rock, about 300 meters southeast of the Parthenon. In its 3 floors you'll find sculptures from the decoration of the Acropolis buildings and the votive offerings to the goddess Athena. The sculptures are both authentic, transferred from the Acropolis rock in spring 2009, alongside with the cast copies of the marbles that are hosted in the British Museum.

Getting into the ground floor of the museum, an extraordinary glass-floor gallery awaits you. On your left hand side you can see finds from the most important sanctuaries of the slopes of the hill, whilst on your right hand side the exhibits have come from the smaller sanctuaries of the slopes. What ceremonies do you think took place in those sanctuaries in antiquity? If you are not quite sure what Acropolis was for the Athenians in Ancient Greece, take a close look at the scale model and finds exhibited at the northeast corner of the first floor. How would you characterize the Acropolis rock in the Geometric Period? Walking to the south side of the gallery the Archaic period of Acropolis is reveled. Astonishing architectural sculptures, most of them votive offerings to the gods, invite you to go around them and have a three dimension look at them. Amongst them, the exhibits of the horse riders (the Ippeis) and the statues of the young girls called Korai.

Nearby you'll see the pediment from the temple of Athena Polias depicting the Gigantomachy. Are the Olympian gods depicted there? Where is Athena? Why does it occupy such a special position? Take the stairs or the escalator and go up to the balconies of the second floor from where you could have a panoramic view of the galleries you've already visited.

How do the sculptures look from up there? Another level up and you'll find yourself in the atrium of the Parthenon gallery. The sight of the frieze of the Parthenon which has been built into the museum's cement core, which has the same dimension with the cella of the Parthenon, with the original marbles and the cast copies is no less than striking. You can take a perimetric walk of the gallery and see the metopes which have been placed in the correct order between the columns and the pediment sculptures in their respective places,so as you'll have a complete picture of the how the Parthenon was built. Going down to the first floor, the ceiling of the propylaea, the sculptures from the temple of Athena Nike and the Caryatidis from the Erectheion conclude your visit to the most important religious center of Ancient Athens.

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